Welcome, all!

Welcome to our blog.   Please bear with us – it’s our first attempt at a blog.   Why do this?   Well, first off, for family and friends who have somewhat of a vested interest in what we are up to, it’s a convenient way to communicate happenings – well, as they happen.

Secondly, we hope to be able to share things that we have learned in our transition from a land-based life to living afloat – in a northern climate no less.

Thirdly, for the boaters out there, we want to share details of the modifications, additions, and changes made to our boat to accommodate our desired mission.   Maybe by sharing the “why’s and wherefore’s” of our decisions and their implementation, we can in some way help others.

There is a fourth, more self-serving reason for the blog:  to improve my writing, and develop a writing “habit”.    My daughter, who is a successful journalist and who has kept a detailed diary since a young age, has shown me that writing regularly is the best path to improved wordsmithing.  I hope that sooner or later  I can live up to her standard!


2 thoughts on “Welcome, all!”

  1. May I request that you add dates to your posts? I like imagining the ‘whens’ as well as the ‘wheres’:)


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